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AVANTAGE (18-18-18) + trace elements

Water-soluble fertilizer, foliar or soil applied. Recommended for the fruiting stages of fruit trees, vegetables and for flowers and ornamentals. Avantage (18-18-18) is totally water-soluble and suitable for all soil types and for all environmental conditions (cold and hot weather).
NPK (18,3-18,3-18,3)
Τοmato - Eggplant - Pepper
Melon - Watermelon - Squash
All kind of leafy vegetables
Potato - Sugar beets
Fruit trees - Citrus trees
Ornamentals - Flowers - Indoor plants
For foliar sprays use 100-400gr in 100 lit of spray water, depending on crop and plant growth stage.
For soil applications use 1- 4 kg/1000m2. Used also as a soil drench for pot plants.

Tomato-pepper-eggplant: Apply 20 days after transplanting. Repeat 4-5 times at 15 days intervals.

Melon-Watermelon-Squash: Apply 20-30 days after the plants have established at their final position. Repeat at 15 days intervals during all the growing season. Also used at the nurseries and in the transplanting slurries.

All kinds of vegetables: Apply 30 days after transplanting/sowing. Repeat 4-5 times at 10-15 days intervals, during all the growing season.

Potato: Apply when the young shoots emerge from the soil and continue after the tubers have formed in the soil.

Cotton: Apply from the 6th leaf stage, 3-4 times at 15-20 days intervals.

Sugar beets: Apply when the plants have formed 10-12 leaves or when the leaves have covered the soil, 3-4 applications at 15 days intervals.

Tobacco: Apply at the early stages and during all the season of growing until August, at 15-20 days intervals. Some applications are made in the nursery.

Grape: Apply 4-5 times in a season, 2 times before bloom and 2-3 times after the berry set, at 10-15 days intervals.

Citrus trees: Apply in early spring twice before bloom, at 10-15 days intervals. Repeat after the fruit set, whenever is necessary to support trees.

Fruit trees: Apply before bloom and after fruit set whenever is necessary to support trees.

Ornamentals-Flowers-Indoor plants: Applied as a soil drench, as a foliar spray or diluted in the irrigation water. For pot plants spread 1-2 gr. (half teaspoonful) on a 20-30cm pot. Apply to all the growing stages at 15 days intervals.

25 kg sacks