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OPERON (29-0-0)

Operon 29-0-0 is a highly water soluble liquid fertilizer successfully absorbed from the foliage and roots. Works under various temperature regimes (excessive cold/hot weather). Supports young plants to overcome stress caused from cold weather, excessive heat and high humidity in the root area. It is suitable for winter greenhouse and open field crops. Mostly recommended for enhancing growth during the early stages of plant development.
NPK (29-0-0), Nitrogen from urea and various urea forms (urea-formaldehyde)
Cotton-Potato: Apply when plants have developed 4 leaves, 1-2 times at 15 days interval.
Peppers - Strawberries: Apply after the first fruits have set. Repeat 3-4 times at 15-20 days intervals.
Squash- Cucumber: Apply when the first flowers appear, 2-3 times at 15 days intervals.
Tomatoes: Apply at the early stages of plant development, before the first cluster appears.
Spinach – Lettuce - other similar crops: Apply 3-4 weeks after plants have emerged from the soil, when plants have developed some foliage. Repeat after 15 days.
Fruit trees (Apricot - Plum - Peaches):One or two applications at a 15 days interval after flower drop.
Grapes: Apply when the shoots are 7-10 cm long. Repeat after 10-15 days.
Almonds - Pears: Make 1-2 applications after the petal drop, at a 15-day interval.
Apple and Pear trees: One –two applications after fruit set at a 15-day interval.
Citrus trees: Apply before bloom and repeat twice at a 15 days interval after fruit set.
Olive trees: Make 2 sprays in the period of the fast fruit development.
Grasses - Lawn: Apply after each cut. Apply whenever necessary (after frost, after the summer period, in early spring).
Foliar sprays: 2-5 lit / ton
Soil application: Use 20-40 lit / hectare
  • 1 lit bottles, 12/box
  • 5 lit drums, 4/box