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Long-lasting research in plant physiology and biotechnology and experience gained by applying new agricultural technologies led to the development of plant nutrition products and plant protection products that allow VIORYL’s agronomists to offer successful solutions for crop yield improvement.

At the same time, VIORYL develops products for organic farming, an emerging and very promising sector of agriculture. VIORYL’s long-lasting investments in this sector led to the development of insect control systems using pheromones, such as ECO-TRAP, a system used for olive fruit fly control. ECO-TRAP is an internationally acclaimed product for being user-friendly, effective and complying with the organic farming European Union regulations (2091/1991, 2092/1991, 1488/1997 and 473/2002).

Furthermore, VIORYL has developed plant care products for indoor and garden plants as well as products trapping house insects (flies).
On-going research projects always aim at development of environment-friendly and effective products for agriculture.


VIORYL has also been involved in plant propagation material sales representing the German potato seed firm "Europlant".