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Fertilizers come to solve three major cultivation particularities. The main issue is to use Fertilizers to keep up the continuous bloom of flowers. The second target is to have a crop that does not need staking and the flower stems will grow vigorous. The third target is to produce large size flowers with full head.
Fertilizers should be applied preferably by drip irrigation, especially during the flowering period to avoid flower wetting and degeneration.

Nutrients in leaf tissues are leached out during misting of the cuttings, therefore fertilizers are needed mostly just after root formation Spray the newly planted carnation cuttings frequently with small amounts of water until they are established. Avoid over watering, but supply 5 - 7 mm of water each day. Apply fertilizers to the plants through drip irrigation system. Use 1-1,5 lit/ton AUXENOL (5-5-9) at every watering.  After the root formation use a higher Potassium fertilizer (1-2 lit / ton PEKAL) every second watering.
Week 1-3 after planting the rooted cuttings Week 4-10 Week 11 Week 12-16
Use 20 lit. AUXENOL + 10-20 kg/ hectare AVANTAGE (20-20-20) at regular intervals (10 days).
AUXENOL favors for strong flower stem formation.
Spray with 3 lit / ton AMINOCAL, 2 times at 15 days intervals. Spray with 3 lit/ ton AMINOCAL, 2 times at 15 days intervals
Feed every 2 waterings with 20 lit/hectare AUXENOL.
AUXENOL gives a deep green color to the foliage, favors for a constant flower production with full head flowers. Combine with 10-20 kg /hectare AVANTAGE (20-20-20).
Use 10–15 kg/hectare AVANTAGE (10-52-10) for successful blooming. Use every second watering 20 kg/hectare AVANTAGE (20-20-20).
PIRETHRO VIORYL 5SC Spray to control white flies, thrips and aphids with 0,6 lit./ton with the appearance of the infestation.Use 0,5-1ton of spray solution/ hectare. Make 3 sprays per cropping season.
Use the water soluble powder MICOSAT WP for soil enrichment with rhizosphere bacteria, fungi spores and plant symbiotic endomycorrhizal fungi of the genus Glomus. Apply 3 -5 kg/ hectare at planting or in the first irrigation.