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Spray with 2 lit AUXENOL  (5-5-9) / ton to support trees with trace and microelements.

Combine with 1-2 lit. METALON (4Mg-1,5 Fe -1,5Mn-0,5Zn-0,5Cu-0,3B -0,01Mo -0,01Co) to prevent various trace elements deficiencies.


To protect from frost spray with 5 lit. AgroCELL (6-0-9) / hectare, 1-2 times.


At 50% of shattering (fruit size 6-10mm) spray with 2,5 lit FS/347 (50% aminoacids + growth substances of natural origin) / ton for fruit size increase. Uniform sized fruits are produced.

Spray with 2 -3 lit. AMINOCAL (Calsium with aminoacids and growth substances of natural origin), / ton, 2-3 times at 15-20 days intervals to support the skin of the fruit against cracking.


Use with irrigation 20 lit AUXENOL + 10-30 kg AVANTAGE (20-20-20) / hectare.
Before the fruits change color spray with 2,5 lit. FS/347 / ton for increasing fruit size. For earlier color formation combine with 2 lit ORGANIKON (0-0-30) per ton.

To increase skin resistance in cracking and succeed uniform coloration spay when the fruits are light green to yellowish with 800 -2000 ml VIO-GIBB 5SL per hectare. Good coverage of the fruits until drift is essential. The higher rates are applied to trees bearing a heavy load. VIO-GIBB 5SL application regulates the harvest to 5-7 days.


Spray with 2 lit ORGANIKON (0-0-30) / ton, 1-2 times at 15 days intervals for earlier harvest and improvement of taste and sweetness.


To protect the crop from desiccation at drought, spray with 10 lit. AgroCELL (6-0-9) / hectare making 2 sprays, with 5 lit. each. AgroCELL is recommended also against fruit cracking.

Use the water soluble powder MICOSAT WP for soil enrichment with rhizosphere bacteria, fungi spores and plant symbiotic endomycorrhizal fungi of the genus Glomus. Apply 3 -5 kg/ hectare at planting or in the first irrigation.
LYPHASE 36SL (Glyphosate 36%) Use in cherry orchards of 2 years old and older against the perennial weeds with rates: 8-10 lit. /hectare against Cynodon dactylon at 15-25 cm., 10-12 lit/hectare against Convolvulus arvensis at bloom, 5-6 lit./hectare against Cyperus spp. after bloom and 5-6 lit./hectare against Sorghum halepense at 35-50cm. Sprays may be directed at target areas in the field with 10 lit. / hectare
BACTOIL SC (Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki 6%) Against the leaf infesting larvae spray with 1 lit / ton of water.

PIRETHRO VIORYL 5SC Spray against aphids with 0,5 -0,6 lit./ ton of water with the appearance of the first infestation. Spray volume 1500-2000 lit / hectare. Make 3 sprays / year.

PARAFFINIC OIL VΙΟRYL 98.5EC (Paraffinic oil 98.5%). Against the San Jose scale (Quatraspidiotus perniciosus), the olive scale (Ρarlatoria oleae), the white peach scale (Ρseudalacaspis pentagona), the globose Scale, (Sphaerolecanium prunastri), the apple mussel scale (Lepidosaphes ulmi), leafrollers (Achrips rosanus podanus), mites (Τetranychus spp, Bryonia praetiosa, Aculus spp), aphids(Μγzus persicae, Αphis spp) and larvae of aphids and other insects.Spray with 1000-1300 ml /100 liters using 1.5-2.5 tons of spray liquid / hectare or 500 ml of the formulation in combination with the approved dose of an insecticide or acaricide. Can be applied throughout the year. Recommended sprays: Spring (with the onset of vegetation), Summer, Autumn and Winter. Maximum number of applications / growing season: 4

COPPER HYDROXIDE VIORYL 50WP (Copper Hydroxide 50%). Spray against the leaf shot "Coryneum" and the bacterium Pseudomonas syringae with rates of 1.7kg /ton of water, using 1-1.2 tons of spray water/hectare, or with 170-200 gr./1000m2. Apply to the areas of infestation a) the autumn with the leaf drop and b) at the end of the winter before bud enlarge. Max no of sprays : 4