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Spray before/after bloom with 2-3 lit METALON(4Mg-1,5Fe-1,5Mn-0,5Zn-0,5Cu -0,3B -0,01Mo -0,01Co) per ton, 2-3 times at 10-15 days intervals.

Spray with 2-3 lit AUXENOL per ton.

Walnut trees respond successfully to Zinc applications. Spray with 3-4 lit OLIGO-8Zn (12-0-0+8Zn) per ton, 1-2 times at 10 days intervals. Avoid spraying at bloom.

At fruit setting spray with 2-4 lit OPERON (29-0-0), per ton to increase fruit size. Combine with 2,5 lit FS/347 (50% aminoacids + growth substances of natural origin) per ton, for fruit size increase and earlier harvest.

Spray with FS/347 10-15 days after the 1st spray.

Apply with irrigation 15 lit AUXENOL (soil conditioner) + 20-30 kg. AVANTAGE (10-20-24) per hectare

Spray with 2-3 lit ORGANIKON(0-0-30) per ton for earlier harvest and yield increase. Repeat 3-4 times at 10-15 days intervals. First spray when the fruits have developed. Last spray 15 days prior the harvest.

Apply with irrigation 20-40 kg. AVANTAGE (13-13-28) per hectare.

ACARIDOIL 13SL (13% Potassium fatty acids). Spray against Aphids (Callipterus juglandis,Chromaphis juglandicola,Myzocallis coryli, Corylobium avelanae),Thrips (Drepanothrips reuteri),Scales (Diaspididae Coccidae) and Mites, with 19 lit. / ton with the appearance of the infestation. Repeat when necessary.

BORDEAUX MIX VΙΟRYL 20WP (Calcium copper sulphate 20%). Spray to prevent the Anthracnose(Μarsonina juglandis), with 4 kg/1000L of water. Make 3-4 sprays starting just before leaf expand and repeat every 10 days. Do not spray at bloom.

COPPER HYDROXIDE VIORYL 50WP (Copper Hydroxide 50%). Spray against the walnut anthracnose, (Marsonina juglandis), the walnut blight (Xanthomonas juglandis) wih rates of 1.6kg/ton of water, using 1-1.5 tons of spray water/hectare, or 160-240 gr./1000m2 . Apply before leaf expand and repeat every 10 days. Max no of sprays/year : 4


LYPHASE 36 SL (Glyphosate 36%) Use in walnut orchards of 2 years old and older against the perennial weeds with rates: 8-10 lit. /hectare against Cynodon dactylon at 15-25 cm., 10-12 lit/hectare against Convolvulus arvensis at bloom, 5-6 lit./hectare against Cyperus spp. after bloom and 5-6 lit./hectare against Sorghum halepense at 35-50cm. Sprays may be directed at target areas in the field with 10 lit. /hectare.