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To support the trees spray with 2 lit /ton AUXENOL (5-5-9). Combine with METALON (4Mg-1,5 Fe –1,5Mn-0,5Zn-0,5Cu-0,3B -0,01Mo -0,01Co) to prevent various trace elements deficiencies. Dosage 2L/1000L of water.

To increase cold resistance spray one or two times with AgroCELL (6-0-9). The recommended dosage is 10L/400 L of water/ha one or two times at 15 days of interval.

For the production of uniform fruits with well-formed lobes and increased size, after fruit thinning and during the period of fruit enlargement spray with a solution of FS/347 (50% aminoacids + growth substances of natural origin). Dosage 2,5L/1000L of water. Repeat the application after 10-15 days intervals. Spray with AMINOCAL to prevent bitter pit. AMINOCAL is calcium chelated with aminoacids and growth substances of natural origin. This treatment increase the storage life of the fruits. Dosage 2–3L/1000L of water. Repeat the application three times at 15-20 days intervals. For Ca deficiency and to prevent bitter pit apply by spraying CALMATE (20% CaO). Dosage 2-4L CALMATE / 1000L of water. Apply three times at 15-20 days intervals. To improve the color and the taste of the fruits, spray before color changing and up to harvest period with ORGANIKON (0-0-30). ORGANIKON is also recommended for enhancing color formation. Dosage 2L/1000L of water, one or two times at 15 days intervals.
BACTOIL SC (Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki 6%) Spray with BACTOIL against the leaf and fruit infesting larvae. The most suitable timing is at the 1st –3rd stage larvae of each generation. Population monitoring of the micro-lepidoptera is made by pheromone traps.
Doses: 1L/1000L of water.
BORDEAUX MIX VΙΟRYL 20WP (Calcium copper sulphate 20%) Spray against the Apple scab (Venturia inaequalis) with 5.5-6.25kg/ton of water, using 1-2 ton of spray water / hectare, at the stages of green and pink tips of the buds. Max no of sprays/ cropping season: 2
PARAFFINIC OIL VΙΟRYL 98.5EC (Paraffinic oil 98.5%) Spray against the San Jose scale (Quatraspidiotus perniciosus), the olive scale (Ρarlatoria oleae), the white peach scale (Ρseudalacaspis pentagona), the apple mussel scale (Lepidosaphes ulmi), the Italian pear scale(Εpidiaspis leperii), leafrollers (Achris rosanus, Α.podanus), mites (Τetranychus urticae,Ρanonychus ulmi, Bryoniarubrioculus), psyllids (Ρsylla spp) and aphids (Εriosoma laningerum, Αphis pomi, Dysaphis piri D. plantaginae), with 1000-1300 ml /100 liters using 1.5-2.5 tons of spray liquid / hectare or 500 ml of the formulation in combination with the approved dose of an insecticide or acaricide. Can be applied throughout the year. Recommended sprays: Spring (with the onset of vegetation), Summer, Autumn and Winter. Maximum number of applications / growing season: 4
MANCOZEB VΙΟRYL 80WP (Mancozeb 80%) To treat the scab (Venturia inaequalis, Venturia pirina) spray with 2 kg / hectare using 500-1000 liters of spray water / hectare. Start applications from the stage of the green tip and when conditions favor the development of diseases. Follow the instructions of the Agricultural Warning reports. Interval applications 7-10 days in alternation with other fungicides. The longer interval relates to the combination of MANCOZEB VIORYL with other formulations which contain myclobutanil or fenbuconazole, while shorter interval in simple applications. Between successive applications MANCOZEB VIORYL must elapse an interval of 14 days. Max number of sprays/season: 4 with an interval of 7-10 days and in alternation with other fungicides.
ACARIDOIL 13SL (13% Potassium fatty acids). Spray against Aphids (Aphis spp.),Scales (Diaspididae), Thrips (Thripidae),Psyllids (Psylla pyri) and Mites , with 19 lit. / ton with the appearance of the infestation. Repeat when necessary.
COPPER HYDROXIDE VIORYL 50WP (Copper Hydroxide 50%) Spray against the Apple scab (Venturia inaequalis and V.pirina), the leaf spot (Septoria spp.) and the blossom wilt (Sclerotinia laxa) with rates of 2.5kg /ton of water, using1-2 tons of spray water /hectare, or 250-500 gr./1000m2. Spray in autumn before leaf drop and at the green bud stage. Max no of sprays/ year: 3

Spray against the Bacteriosis (Pseudomonas syringae), the bacterial wilt (Erwinia amylovora) with rates of 2.5kg /ton of water, using 1-2 tons of spray water /hectare or 250-500 gr./1000m2 in areas where conditions are favorable. Spray at the leaf drop commencement and at the end of leaf drop and during the winter. Max no of sprays/year : 3

LYPHASE 36 SL (Glyphosate 36%) Use in apple orchards of 2 years old and older against the perennial weeds.
Doses: against Cynodon dactylon on the stage of 15-25cm apply with 8-10L/ha, against Convolvulus arvensis on the stage of bloom apply with 10-12L/ha, against Cyperus spp. after bloom apply with 5-6L/ha and against Sorghum halepense on the stage of 35-50cm apply with 5-6L/ha Sprays may be directed at target areas in the field with 10L/ha.