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Granular soil enhancer with beneficial microorganisms. Micosat-F Olivo is used in the planting of trees, vegetables and ornamentals, greenhouse and outdoor and especially for Olive trees. Suitable for Organic Farming : GU no 62 / 16-3-2010.
Endomycorrhizal fungi belonging to the genus Glomus: Glomus coronatum GO 01, Glomus intraradices GB 67, Glomus viscosum GC 41
Biologically active bodies Pseudomonas spp. Bacillus subtilis BA 41 Streptomyces spp. SA 51
Saprophytic fungi Trichoderma spp., Trichoderma viride TV 03, Trichoderma harzianum TH 01.
Yeasts: Picia pastoris
The granules of Micosat-F Olivo should be installed on the bottom of the planting hole, or mixed with the mud which surrounds the roots of the plant, in order to get them in touch with the beneficial microorganisms.
Crops Soil applications
Open field-Greenhouse Application method
Fruit trees 5-10 kg/1000m2 30 gr. / root Spread at the installation of the crop in the planting pit
Grapes-Kiwi 5-10 kg/1000m2 20 gr. / root
Olive trees 5-10 kg/1000m2 40 gr. / root
Vegetables 2-5 kg/1000m2 5 gr. / root
Strawberry Ornamentals Open field - Greenhouse 2- 5kg/1000m2 5-20gr. / root
Conifers –Broadleaved trees 5-10 kg/1000m2 20gr. / root
The synergistic action of the mycelium and spores of mycorrhizal, saprophytic fungi and bacteria in the rhizosphere of cultivated and ornamental plants has the following advantages:
  • Helps the roots to grow by the action of these beneficial symbiotic microorganisms. Improves the ability of roots to absorb elements from the soil, shifts the flowering and the production earlier, increases flowering and fruiting. Also enhances the resistance of plants to water stress.
  • Creates beneficial microflora in the rhizosphere which prevents the installation of pathogenic microorganisms and prevents the emergence of rots and tumors. The plant having a good root system becomes healthier, strengthens and can cope with pathogens and nematodes.
10kg boxes