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Spray with 5 lit FS/347(50% aminoacids + growth substances) / hectare at 10 cm. (3-4 leaves).

Spray with 3 lit AUXENOL (soil conditioner) / hectare. Repeat 2 times at 10 days intervals.

AUXENOL supports plant nutrition at the first growth.

Apply 5 lit FS/347 hectare, at the tuber formation for yield increase and earlier harvest.

Repeat the application with FS/347 in the same doses at 10-15 days intervals for tuber increase


In case early frost is expected spray with 10 lit AgroCELL (6-0-9)/ hectare, two times using 5 lit in each application. AgroCELL increases resistance in frost.

Spray with 2-3 lit ORGANIKON (0-0-30) (High Potash fertilizer) per ton to increase total solids. Repeat the application 1-2 times at 15 days intervals up to harvest.

Spray with 5 lit AgroCELL / hectare. Repeat at 7-10 days intervals, for increasing resistance to heat and drought.

Use the water soluble powder MICOSAT WP for soil enrichment with rhizosphere bacteria, fungi spores and plant symbiotic endomycorrhizal fungi of the genus Glomus. Apply 3 -5 kg/ hectare at planting or in the first irrigation.
MANCOZEB VΙΟRYL 80WP (Mancozeb 80%). Use against potato blight and Alternaria rot with foliar sprays of 2kg / hectare, using 0.2 -0.8 ton of spray water /hectare covering well the plant foliage. Apply to prevent the diseases from the early stages of the plant growth. Intervals between applications depend on the severity of the infection. Allow the foliage to dry after rain or irrigation before spraying. Max number of sprays/season: 8 with an interval of 7 days.

BORDEAUX MIX VΙΟRYL 20WP (Calcium copper sulphate 20%). Spray against potato blight (Phytophthora infestans) and Athracnose(Colletotrichum atramentarium) with rates of 5.5- 6.12kg/ton of water using 0.5-1 ton of spray water/hectare. In cases where conditions are favorable for the disease, spray when plants are at 15-20cm. Repeat at 7-10 days intervals depending on disease severity.Max no of sprays/ Cropping season : 6

COPPER HYDROXIDE VIORYL 50WP (Copper Hydroxide 50%). Spray against the downy mildew, blights and Anthracnose with rates of 1.8 (heavy infestation) and 1.1 (light infestation) kg/ ton of water, using 0.5-1 tons of spray water/hectare. Or accordingly 130-180 gr. /1000m2 (heavy infestation) and 70-110 gr./1000m2 (light infestation). Apply when the plants are 15-20 cm. and repeat every 10-14 days depending on disease severity. Max number of sprays/year : 4


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