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Spray with 2 -3 lit AUXENOL (complete liquid fertilizer, soil activator) per ton. Apply 2 times at 10-15 days intervals. Above applications prevent trace elements deficiencies and support with nutrients for successful blooming and setting.

For preventing Zinc deficiency, spray with 2,5 lit OLIGO-8 Zn (12-0-0 +8 Zn) / ton.

Spray with 2,5 lit FS/347 (10-0-0, 50% aminoacids with growth substances) / ton after fruit setting for fruit size increase. Combine with 2 lit OPERON (29-0-0) / ton

Repeat the FS/347 application 10-15 days after the 1st.

At the fruit growing period spray with 2,5 lit AMINOCAL (Calcium chelated with aminoacids). Repeat at 10-15 days intervals. These applications increase fruit size and provide fruits with Calcium extending their storage life.

Spray with 2 lit ORGANIKON (organic potash 30%), / ton at the last maturing stages for earlier harvest and more tasty fruits.

Use for soil irrigation 20 lit AUXENOL (soil activator) + 10-20 kg AVANTAGE (20-20-20) per hectare. Use for soil irrigation 20 lit AUXENOL + 10-20 kg AVANTAGE (10-20-24) per hectare. Recommended particularly for calcareous soils, as AVANTAGE 10-20-24 is an acid fertilizer.
PARAFFINIC OIL VIORYL 98.5EC (Paraffinic oil 98.5%). Against the winter eggs of European red mite (Panonychus ulmi), spray with 1000 ml /100 liters, with 500 liters of spray liquid / hectare in late winter and early spring at least 10 days after pruning and before swelling of the eyes. Maximum number of applications / growing season: 1

Use the water soluble powder MICOSAT WP for soil enrichment with rhizosphere bacteria, fungi spores and plant symbiotic endomycorrhizal fungi of the genus Glomus. Apply 3 -5 kg/ hectare at planting or in the first irrigation.